• advisory services

    First, we analyze the status of the business domain in focus, e.g. customer loyalty, sales performance, logistics automation, production efficiency, etc. We discover opportunities, unveil challenges and identify risks. We seek business and technology solutions beyond the obvious mainstream options. We draft target business scenarios, determine success factors, verify technical feasibility and estimate capital intensity. We chart a transformation roadmap with you – from processes, to organization, staff and tech. We lead or coach the organization’s change process until measurable impact has been demonstrated.

    We help you achieve.

  • program management & execution

    "Vision without execution is hallucination.”
                                     Thomas A. Edison

    We support you in developing your strategies. And, we are with you to execute them too. We craft roadmaps and develop master plans for complex, interdisciplinary or international transformation programs. We lead or help set up the program management and PMO functions, take care of stakeholder communication and change management. We design and establish enterprise wide project portfolio management (incl. processes, organization and tooling) in mid-to-large sized organizations. We lead critical enterprise projects applying PM methods and good practices to best ensure success.

    We help you achieve.

  • smart business solutions

    We named our company SolutionHeads, as finding suitable technology solutions for your business challenges is what we are best at. We understand your imperatives at executive level, as well as your issues at the shop floor. We natively speak your industry jargon, as it is our language too. We deal with the newest tech while delivering projects to our clients, prooving their viability in industry initiatives or scouting for fit-for-purpose start-ups. And, we apply the compound experience of a growing network to make the right choices, engage with suitable partners and mobilize the necessary resources to deliver on our promises.

    We help you achieve.

  • digital technologies

    While transforming your business model, digitizing your processes, brushing up your clients' experience or evolving your company's culture is far more than implementing the latest digi-tech, none of this would work without the genius and crucial contributions of highly skilled technologists.

    We provide expert advice in a variety of technology disciplines. We develop software solutions based on current technology stacks and frameworks. We partner with selected hardware and software vendors to complement our solution offering. We augment our client’s capabilities by operating, maintaining and evolving their IT environments​. We help our clients by providing the right skill for the right job - out of our own entrepreneurial staff, through our community's trusted recommendations or by searching the best talent in the market for you.

    We help you achieve.


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