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We are passionate about technology and business success alike.

We are digital entrepreneurs.

Each of us has been in a home industry for a number of years and knows the industry intimately. We are industry insiders.

Each of us has deep understanding in a variety of subjects. By experience.
We are

And, each of us has a strong professional opinion. We believe in what we commit to.
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SolutionHeads EEIG
Am Hedibergdamm 49
40668 Meerbusch

we help you achieve


We help advance your business and deliver measurable impact in four disciplines:

  • advisory services

  • program management and execution

  • smart business solutions

  • digital technologies


Our scope of service continuously grows through the entrepreneurs and partner companies in our trusted community. 


We are industry insiders with a solid range of skills and experience in sectors such as:

  • telecommunications

  • information technologies

  • energy, water, utilities

  • media and entertainment

  • advisory and professional services

We understand your business  priorities by experience. We speak your industry's jargon,  know its dynamics and culture.

point of

Being a partnership of entrepreneurs

  • we are driven and committed to success, as only entrepreneurs can be

  • we respect our clients, as only responsibility and experience can teach 

  • we innovate in search of  better solutions, as only lifelong learners do

We help achieve your aspirations.